RELEASE WEEK – Giveaway Time!

Well, it’s finally here. Release week! Only a few more days until I officially unleash Lucid Dreaming onto the world. A few reviewers have their hands on it already, and I patiently await their thoughts, but for everyone else, the wait is almost over!

Not that there’s a long line or anything… not with all the BILLIONS of superior and/or worthy contenders out there. But I’ll keep promoting nonetheless! I am proud of the book which must truly means something, because I’ve never felt confident enough to publish before.

Having blah blah blah-ed about all that, I’m holding a giveaway this week in honor of the release. I would love to mail out physical copies of my book, but alas, there is no such thing at this time. SO, I am going to be offering up a $30 gift card to Amazon so that the winner my purchase whatever books they with (and hopefully mine). Actually, they can purchase whatever they wish, not just books! I mean, the Amazon marketplace is a vast jungle filled with treasure, after all.

I have put up specifications of how to enter on both Instagram and Twitter and I won’t be choosing a winner until Friday so there is plenty of time to enter. I’m not asking for much, just a little love-sharing– just what every indie author needs.

So, I thank everyone in advance for giving me a boost and I wish you all good luck!

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