Lucid Dreaming

Some trauma never leaves you.
Fortunately, neither will the right person.

CoverArtPBAlison Waverly was born into a family of science geniuses, but the brainiac gene apparently skipped her…

Lacking in scientific prowess, Alison finds solace in the written word. Though her father is a psychology professor and department chair at the prestigious Grayson University, Charles Waverly has nothing but admiration for his daughter’s literary passions.

When Alison stumbles across her father in distress, she learns a 27-year-old “kid” has been invited into the department without his knowledge or approval. Quinn Kaneko, an eccentric, enigmatic genius who rarely wears shoes and never sleeps, quickly proves himself to be more than meets the eye. When he reveals a dangerous secret to both his new colleague and his charming daughter, a unique trio of friendship is forged, built on a foundation of mutual trust.

Odd, immeasurably brilliant and shrouded in secrecy, Quinn becomes a mystery Alison can’t wait to unravel, and together they embark on a sensual journey filled with intemperate passion and deep emotional bonding. But when the enduring consequences of Quinn’s traumatic past inevitably come to light, the couple is faced with heartbreaking ordeals that will challenge longtime friendships and test the strength of their newfound love.

Available in paperback and ebook!