Wide Awake

Sometimes, the only pay to pass a test is to fail miserably

Front CoverAlison Waverly and her FBI agent boyfriend, Quinn Kaneko, have a uniquely symbiotic relationship…

With the truth of Quinn’s tragic past out in the open, their bond is stronger and more passionate than ever, yet some mysteries still lurk between them.

When Alison is introduced to Quinn’s charismatic boss, DSAC Paul Miller, she is forced to deal with his inflated ego, Quinn’s weirdly submissive behavior toward him, and the constant temptation to uncover more of her lover’s dark secrets.

Her self-confidence and eternal optimism shaken, Quinn must discover a new kind of inner-strength to support the woman he loves. But when transgressions are disclosed on both sides, will the weight of their mistakes crush the relationship they fought so hard to nurture?

Available in paperback and ebook!