Praise for Lucid Dreaming

“I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this book… it was delightful.” – Laura Mae, Author of Fliers


“This is one of those books that completely changes how you view an entire genre. Blair writes this story as more than just a romance. It is raw. It is real. It’s painful to read but also completely satisfying at the same time. 

“The passion between [Quinn] and Alison, the way Blair writes about it, you feel like you are actually there in that room with them.

“Taking your standard romance novel of explicit lovemaking and emotional turmoil, to one of sheer substance where we see the true human nature develop and morph into a lasting relationship that is built on trust and appreciation.” – Ashley Blank, Adventures in Literature


“What a wonderful and amazing book! Heather Blair knocked it out of the park with Lucid Dreaming.” – Arielle B.


“Heather Blair’s unique characters and the relationships between them are what make this book one that you can’t put down. Her characters are real and have their own voice. 

“Where Blair’s skill shines is writing the story from the perspectives of different characters.

“…this was a book that I could not put down.” – Kay Porter Winfield, Author of Vitual Worlds Virtual People


“Blair created a romance novel that redefines the genre. The story truly is driven by complex characters and story. Blair’s writing draws you into the world that she’s created. You can’t help but care about the characters and their journey.” – Kira Pogge, founder of Vacations By Kira


“I blazed through the last 75% of this in one night because I wanted to know how it was going to end for the characters.” – Anastasia Austin,


“It’s absolutely adorable and the romance was SMOKING!!!!! This book will give you all the feelings and then some!!” – Melinda Daniel, @melindabooknerd

Available in paperback and ebook!