RELEASE WEEK – Thoughts From the Road

My day job has brought me down south to North Carolina, and as I sit in my hotel room after an exhausting day of travel, work and a disgusting attempt to eat my stress away, I am left with some scattered thoughts.

1) I find myself telling more and more people I know personally about my book. What I once vowed to keep hush-hush from the people I know and see on a regular basis, I am now openly discussing. Could it be I am slowly gaining self-confidence? Or am I just needy for praise? (Slytherin).

2) I’m meeting new friends! I’ve been heavily involved in some fangirl group chats on Twitter lately, and it is SO FUN to meet like minded people. And thank god for the invention of the GIF. I may be a writer, but sometimes nothing speaks as clearly as a moving photo on loop of someone doing something stupid.

3) I am discovering a whole universe of books I never knew existed. I have never owned a Kindle, so to me, books were what you saw in the book store on the shelves. Now that I am publishing an ebook, I realize how many other ebook-only publishers are out there and that I’ve been completely missing out on thousands of great finds!

4) Promoting a book properly is tough. I’m not a salesperson. I’m not bold or cutthroat. I don’t like to toot my own horn and I hate talking about myself in a way that’s not self-depreciating…. Still… I want people to read the book. SO, I have to start learning how to market myself without feeling like a douche. It’s a fine line, people. I don’t want to cross it.

There’s many more thoughts, but I am beginning to think this might become incoherent if I continue. I am WIPED. Let’s put a big ol’ TBD on this one… G’night!

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