Pulling Up to Collaboration Station

When it comes to writing, I’ve never worked collaboratively before. The main reason for that include:

  1. I don’t work well with others where creative things are concerned.
  2. I am shy about sharing my ideas, lest they be shot down by the other party.

Yet, when @NerdyNikkiAnn messaged me about possibly working on a story together, I was intrigued by the idea. Here’s why:

Nikki didn’t want to write the story together as in, you write some/I write some. She simply had an idea in her head that she wanted someone else to put down into words. I really liked that! I’m not a great “idea person” anyway, so it seemed like an awesome opportunity to have someone do all the thinking for me! All I had to do was explore the characters and the plot and write it down.

We’ve settled on the title, The Betrayal of White. It has a few different meanings, all of which will become apparent once one reads the story. So far there are only three chapters of the first draft in existence. Life has gotten in the way, plus there’s still my solo project, Wide Awake, in the works. For the moment, I’ve been focusing primarily on that with just a splash of White on the side.

I’ve mentioned this project a couple of times before, including as one of my 2019 goals, so I wanted to take a little time to elaborate. I definitely want to have this completed by the end of the year (ideally sooner!). Poor Nikki has been so patient with me thus far.  I hope I can write a story that will make it all worth her while!

dream team handwritten text royalty free vector image

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