Merry (Blink & You’ll Miss It) Christmas!

I can’t believe it’s almost 9 PM on Christmas Day. Four days ago, while I was driving to my family’s house in Vermont, I had a thought. That thought was: “the next four days are going to fly and I’m going to be sitting somewhere on Christmas night thinking about how fast the time goes.” Well, I was right, of course. Here I am, thinking exactly that.

Typically I would have stayed at the family’s until the day after Christmas, but since the holiday fell in the beginning of the week this year, I have to go to work tomorrow! Life continues on as if the greatest day of the year didn’t just happen! Something about it feels so obnoxious. Didn’t our ancestors celebrate holidays for days and days? Why must we limit ourselves to just one?

The next three days, however, will not be ordinary work days for me. They are the final three work days at my job of four years… A normal person might be tempted to goof off for three days, especially because they fall in the gap between Christmas and New Year’s, but there is much to be done before I can feel OK leaving my co-workers behind. Sometimes I wish I were more of an asshole. (I mean, in a lot of ways I’m a total asshole, but abandoning something I’ve been loyal to for four years is beyond even me.)

So here ends the fun and joy of Christmas, 2018. It was a good year spent my with awesome nephews and loving family. I can’t complain about anything, except that it’s over. I’ll be back in a couple days with a year-end, writing related blog!



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