Fanart is LIFE—And now I have some!

Pinterest is a powerful tool. It, and its cousin Tumblr, are LOADED with fanart of all kinds. For impressionable people like me, fanart can be the difference between me never reading or watching something–or–moving it to the top of my list.

For example: Years ago, Pinterest was the reason I started watching the show Doctor Who. There were SO. MANY. DOCTOR. WHO. PINS. I didn’t understand any of them, but alison quinnboy was my curiosity piqued! I wanted to be with the in-crowd. I wanted to understand why everyone felt so passionately about the show. So… I quickly become a devoted Whovian, swallowing the show whole, and now, years later, I have met most of the cast and I even appear as a guest on the Who New Podcast.

That’s just one example, however. I have discovered many other TV series, anime and books this way too. Something about fan art, and the passion the fans put into creating it, ignites my desire to join the fandom. I know I have obsessive tendencies, so when I see my obsessive brothers and sisters out there freaking out about something, I am quick follow the light. More often than not, I am not disappointed.

I always wanted to be good at drawing so I could place the images trapped in my head onto paper. Yes, I realize that’s what writing is– but writing leaves so much open to interpretation. While that is a beautiful thing for the masses, for me personally, I want to see the manifestation of my imaginings. I want a visual recording of what I see in my mind, if only for my own benefit! I want to be able to read a particularly amazing passage, then flip to the photo and get double goosebumps!

Honestly, when people start making fanart of my books I’ll know “I’ve made it.” It won’t matter how many copies have sold or what reviews people are giving the work– If there’s fanart, I am a success. Plain and simple.
Salome Totladze is an artist I’ve been pinning and retweeting for a long time. Her fan art is fantastic and just keeps getting better and better. I wanted her to draw Lucid Dreaming’s Quinn and Alison so badly that I contacted her and had a piece commissioned. To say it came out well would be an understatement. It came out AMAZING.If I had any artistic talent whatsoever, this is how I would have drawn Quinn and Alison. It’s almost as if I traded brains with Salome and her talented hands drew what was in my head. She is beautiful, and he is almost too gorgeous… but, no complaints here! He’s always been gorgeous to me even if some of the other characters in the book don’t necessarily see it.

So, now I have swoon-worthy art of my characters. Life is good. I hope perhaps it persuades some of the visually impressionable people, like me, to give Lucid Dreaming a read. If I was scrolling and happened to see that dark, unassuming smile on Quinn’s face, I probably would! [SQUEEE!]

If you don’t follow the artist Salome on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, please do yourself a favor and do so now:

Instagram: @Morgana0anagrom

Twitter: @13nakahara13


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