Day Jobs and the Dream

You know what constantly gets in the way of creativity? In the way of exploring fictional worlds and talking to lovely people about exploring fictional worlds?

The day job.

The day job ruins everything. It keeps me up at night. It interrupts me when I’m in a creative flow. It forced me to limit the amount of reading I absorb and writing I put into the word. The only thing it does do for me is put a roof over my head and food on my table and in my cat’s bowls.


Wouldn’t it be something to be a full time writer? To be able to live off of writing alone? Just the thought of it makes me shiver with delight. Plenty of people do it. For some it’s easy. Maybe they know the right people or maybe they’re just too damn talented to be ignored. OR, maybe they just had money to start with and can spend a lot to promote and make beautiful self-published books to send to the masses.

Being broke sucks.

If I had loads of money, the first thing I’d do is make writing my full time job. No more distractions. No more interruptions. No more forcibly yanking myself from a shimmering, creative bubble to the dregs of reality. The second thing I’d do is spend thousands promoting my work, commission art, printing a physical creation rather than just an ebook and getting my name out front until people started spending thousands on ME.

Alas, this will not happen.

I don’t play the lottery and I don’t stand to make millions at the day job, so unless I marry rich, I am afraid I must continue my uphill climb. There are many others who climb with me. My literary brothers and sisters. I salute you all. This is not easy and at times, it certainly isn’t fun. But no one ever got anywhere by doing nothing, so at least we’re making steps in the right direction! At least we’re hustling and keeping the dream alive.


Art Credit: Matt Zeilinger

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