FREE Book Weekend & a Quick Catch Up

I knew I had a busy weekend ahead of me with my mom visiting and Sunday plans with a friend. Pushing Lucid Dreaming on Twitter and Instagram was going to have to take a backseat for a few days, so I decided to do some hands-free promotion by giving away my book for free all weekend!

In my head I’m thinking… the book is only $.99 anyway… It seems like giving it away isn’t that much of a perk. But then I remembered how attracted people are to the word FREE (myself included) and I thought it was worth a shot. After all, I’m not in this to get rich on this (though that is an eventual outcome I wouldn’t hate). Right now all I really want to do is get my name out there. I want people to read my stuff, hopefully enjoy it, and even more hopefully review and share it so others can find it too.

Overall, I’m really happy with the numbers for the weekend! I noticed a couple of people even bought the book on Amazon even though it was free on Smashwords! That small gesture means a lot, so if you were one of those people who did that, thanks! If you were one of the people who snagged it for free, thanks to you too! I hope you like it and share your thoughts and feelings.

In other news… I won a book giveaway this weekend for the very first time! The fabulous @bookishbibliophile on Instagram was choosing three lucky winners to receive a book in the mail! I had to put down three choices and I will receive one by August 15th! My choices were Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince, Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, or also Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park) Which one I will get is currently a mystery, but I will be thrilled with any of them!

If you are on Instagram and you don’t follow @bookishbibliophile I suggest you GET ON IT. Erin’s content is gorgeous and she’s already talking about another giveaway!

And finally, while driving in the rain this evening I hatched a great idea for the Lucid Dreaming sequel. I got about half of it down “on paper” just now and I’ll finish the other half soon. So far what I’ve written is horrendously crappy style-wise, but at least the flesh and bones are there. I can always go back and add the heart and soul later.

G’night everyone!

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