“Lucid Dreaming" – The First Review!

Last week I was sick, thrashing around with a nasty fever for two days. In honor of this unexpected ailment, I posted an excerpt on this blog of a scene in Lucid Dreaming in which one of my main characters is also sick. Ashley of the blog Adventures In Literature sent me a message saying she enjoyed the excerpt and soon volunteered to read and review the whole book.
What a lucky break that was! 
She posted her review (Lucid Dreaming‘s very first and also my very first as an author) and I was so stunned by what she had to say! If you want, you can click here to read the whole thing, or you can just read me freaking about the highlights below…. 
“Through this interesting adventure, I managed to come across this book, Lucid Dreaming and this is one of those books that completely changes how you view an entire genre.”
“Blair writes this story as more than just a romance. It is raw. It is real. It’s painful to read but also completely satisfying at the same time. Her mature style of writing captivates you deep into the lives of these characters and the world she has created for them within New York City.”
Did you hear that mom? I’m mature! No but seriously… Raw, real, painful but satisfying? Those are some SERIOUSLY AMAZING COMPLIMENTS. 
“I would certainly classify this is a romantic suspense novel as there is a noticeable underlying tragedy that forces Quinn, Alison’s love interest, to keep her at bay and not entirely let her in.”
I’ve never really been comfortable with how to classify this book. There’s a lot of humor in it. There’s definitely drama, most notably some that involves the very real horror of child sexual abuse. There are sex scenes in it that are too graphic for under 18 audiences (though the sex is essential to the plot and only slightly gratuitous.) Ashley calls it a romantic suspense novel… Interesting how, since I obviously always knew the big reveals, it didn’t seem suspenseful to me. It took an outside opinion to reveal this! 
“This is an important novel for our time and will be relevant to a whole lot of people. We all have a past, some of us with deeper, darker secrets that haunt us and have created the person we are today. Quinn has a past that no one he cares about really understands and this is what has made him such a quirky, but lovable, character. The passion between him and Alison, the way Blair writes about it, you feel like you are actually there in that room with them.” 
First of all, Lucid Dreaming being referred to as an important novel for our time is HUGE. I know it’s only one person’s opinion, but if even ONE person feels this way, I feel like I’ve done something right.

Secondly, “you feel like you are actually there in that room with them” is my FAVORITE compliment of all! When I write, I really do feel like I’m in the room. I guess that’s my theater degree kicking in. It’s one reason why I describe my female leads with WAY less detail than my male ones… I’m seeing the story through their eyes, and therefore have very little idea what they actually look like. With my cover artist (cover soon to be revealed) I had a million notes about Quinn and only: “Brown hair, brown eyes and pretty” for Alison.  
“I will warn readers though, that there should be some trigger warnings on this novel as it includes material related to child sexual exploitation and could be an issue for some readers that are sensitive to this.”
Good thinking. There is some really dark stuff in here. I hope I tackled it sensitively and that anyone who can relate to it in a very real way will not take offense. 
“In summary, I found this novel to be unique in its characterization of romance. Taking your standard romance novel of explicit love making and emotional turmoil, to one of sheer substance where we see the true human nature develop and morph into a lasting relationship that is built on trust and appreciation.”
This paragraph in itself should earn Ashley an award. It’s beautifully written! I can’t believe it’s about something I wrote! WOW. Girl, I’m so glad we virtually bumped into each other!

I really wanted to tell this love story even though there are many common love story tropes within. If I had to guess, I would say the characters are what sets it apart from similar novels. I am in love with Quinn. I relate so much to Alison. Charles, Logan, Janelle… all my characters are like family to me and I owe them everything because I think they are what gives the story substance. 
In conclusion, Ashley from Adventures In Literature, THANK YOU! As a nervous and paranoid first time author you have really made me feel incredible and welcome in the indie author community. I hope others enjoy the book too once it’s released. I can’t wait to share it with the world! 
(Also, go check out Ashley’s blog (linked twice above) because she does an AMAZING job on it!!!

One thought on ““Lucid Dreaming" – The First Review!

  1. I am flattered to have you write such kind words about my review. I don't take this lightly, nor do I write my reviews lightly. Thank you for hearing what I had to say. Your work is amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.


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