Holy Marketing Batman

I’ve come to realize that writing and self-publishing is basically another full time job. Fortunately, it’s one I enjoy, but I’m doing a lot of learning on the fly! Oh, and did I mention I have virtually no budget? Yikes…

So I got the Smashwords and the Blogger and the Instagram and the Twitter and the Facebook and the LinkTree and the Amazon and the GoodReads all going…. But it’s still not enough! Not when there are so many others out there trying to do the same thing! (Best of luck to everyone, by the way. I’m not a cutthroat person.) But I am a person who is determined to make this work.

So here’s what I’m thinking. If you’re a book blogger, I’m coming for you. And no, I’m not going to Spam you. That’s disrespectful and not my thing. I’m going to reach out to you individually with my heartfelt plea. It will take me hours and hours but it will be well worth it if I can get even a handful to agree to a review. 

I’m definitely planning on doing a limited-time only FREE ebook promotion and a Giveaway for the release, but I haven’t quite figured out what that giveaway will be. After all, the book is currently not in print– ebook only! But, there are plenty of other things I would want to win from a giveaway, so I will focus on what those things are and start there.

I am also planning on recording the audio book soon. I just so happen to be a freelance voice over artist, so I won’t have to shell out any cash for that. (Phew!) But it will take hours and hours to record and edit. I’M ALL IN, PEOPLE!

If you’re reading this and you have some great marketing tips, I’d love to hear them! Comment below, or if you don’t want your business all out there where people can see it, email me! heatherblair.author@gmail.com.

Someday I hope I can look back on these “newbie” blog entries and laugh at myself…

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