I Want YOU To Review “Lucid Dreaming"!

Friday has arrived at last and the weekend is looking busy for me because I have ZERO plans. Typo? Nope. Fellow writers can perhaps relate. A weekend with no plans means a weekend of writing and promoting, and that’s exactly what I plan to do! (Well that plus a little K-Pop and Anime to break things up.) Oh, and READING, of course!

If any of you are looking for something to read this weekend, perhaps something a little romantic, a little sexy, a little funny and a little sad, HAVE I GOT THE BOOK FOR YOU! That’s right, I Want You to read Lucid Dreaming PRE-RELEASE if you’re willing to review or post about it for me!

As this is my first time publishing anything, I really need some love! Any kind words or promotion for this labor of love would mean the world to me, even if all you’ve got in you is a few sentences.

If you’re on the fence because you don’t want to read something you’re not into, I encourage you to check out my Smashwords page which has a short and long description of the book, plus an interview with some additional tidbits about it.

If you want in, please email me at heatherblair.author@gmail.com or PM me on https://twitter.com/IamHeatherBlair to get a free copy.

Thank you in advance for all your support! This has been an incredibly exciting journey already and I’m just getting started!

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